Purple Mattress Review

The purple mattress comes in 5 sizes, Twin XL, California King, Full, King, and Queen.

The company claims that the mattress distributes equal pressure and supports spine alignment, and it seem from going through the positive Amazon reviews that customers are supporting these claims.

A major positive that I have noticed while working through the Amazon reviews are that the company has great customer service, and that returns are a breeze (Although I am concerned with the number of users posting that they have returned the mattress)

Purple is offering a 100 nights trial for the mattress, however, if you buy from Amazon you only get a 30 night trial. This issue comes up often in the Amazon reviews, so please purchase through Amazon knowing that you only get a 30 day trial, instead of the 100 nights trial. This is especially confusing because on the Amazon page itself, it lists details of the 100 nights trial, which seems to be an oversight.

Seems one of the most difficult aspects of owning the Purple mattress is moving it around, although Amazon lists the shipping weight as only 90 pounds.

With these types of mattresses one of the concerns is always the smell, especially when you open the box. According to one reviewer on Amazon the smell reminded them of chalk, plastic, and artificial sweetener. This same reviewer also states that the smell lingered until they returned the mattress. They did not return the mattress because of the smell, however, the return was due to the fact that the Purple mattress was too firm for this customer.

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